Compute North is already making a difference in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In this rapidly emerging field, Compute North is uniquely positioned to forge new paths into the future. Currently, the field is highly fragmented, and new legislation in Europe and Asia is driving cryptocurrency mining operations to more stable operating markets like North America. Compute North’s strategic crypto mining locations, along with partnerships with renewable power sources worldwide, give it a formidable edge, far ahead of the curve.

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TRUSTED, CREDIBLE, EXPERIENCED. Our unique and innovative team has impressive credentials in both advanced technology and sustainable energy procurement. They are recognized veterans with decades of combined experience running similar successful global companies. They are professional, disciplined, and have the distinct advantages of a proven global track record while being based in the U.S.

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OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Compute North has an enviable track record of exceeding expectations. As technical experts, we understand what it takes to deliver high-scale, readily accessible computing systems for crypto mining and blockchain technology.

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FAIR AND TRANSPARENT PRICING. Compute North delivers added value through our transparent pricing that’s honest, fair and a win-win for all parties involved.


Compute North is committed to delivering high-performance cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure solutions to our customers around the globe. We do so with best-in-class, sustainable colocation facilities for cryptocurrency mining operations near renewable power facilities worldwide. Compute North’s aggressive business plan is grounded on three model components:

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We leverage our considerable cost-advantages of scale, while automation increases our effectiveness.

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We control the #1 crypto mining operational cost, power, through supplier partnerships, while providing sustainable solutions.

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Our history, vendor relationships, and financial wherewithal allow us to cost-effectively procure large volumes of crypto mining equipment.


Large-Scale crypto mining investors

Compute North provides a reputable resource to handle all cryptocurrency mining logistics, including procurement, power and operations with the large-scale capabilities that serious participants require. We have systems and facilities in place that assure greater economic efficiencies, such as partnerships with key renewable energy companies, lower cost power supply locations, massive hash power computing capabilities, cooling efficiencies and a technology team that’s engineered streamlined crypto mining systems. Our principals also have experience managing datacenters; developing large-scale infrastructure facilities; navigating through a complex, rapidly evolving technology landscape; managing third-party capital and securing finance from capital markets, and building successful global companies.

Institutional investors

Professional, disciplined investors can appreciate Compute North’s “strictly business” approach and methodology to cryptocurrency mining. As this website details, Compute North strives for both high productivity and economic efficiency, from our renewable energy partners to our state-of-the-art facilities. We offer security, expertise, integrity, advanced technology, and a long-term vision for our investors.

Cryptocurrency miners

Crypto mining can be an expensive proposition. That’s why Compute North is such a valuable partner for crypto miners, whether it’s for colocation opportunities or to purchase the highest performance mining equipment. We’ve already made the major investments in infrastructure, computing power, and sustainable colocation facilities. You can share in the economies we’ve built into our system and facilities, like partnerships with strategic, renewable power companies; power consumption efficiencies; and cutting-edge technology. We also have the ability to scale quickly as your operation grows, allowing you to optimize your earnings potential. Crypto miners can also benefit from our economies of scale by purchasing their cryptocurrency mining equipment directly from Compute North.

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