Energy Management

The Best of Both Worlds – Clean Energy and Low Cost of Power

The beauty of developing a business model that prospers in a renewable energy market is that our impact on the power markets grows as our company expands. As sustainability is our goal, we partner with like-minded generators to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, greener energy grid.

Our purpose-built infrastructure is an ideal environment for the type of workloads that play nicely with intermittent renewable energy. We work alongside power providers that appreciate our flexible workload, our ability to establish locations near the source of power, and our participation in demand response programs.

The TIER 0™ infrastructure makes the most of power when it’s available and is purpose-built to maximize the use of every electron. To achieve an average Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.04, our modular data centers need to be in the right place, running at the right time, and with the right layout.

Energy Efficiency

Right Place

Bringing our data centers closer to existing power sources avoids electricity waste because it minimizes the need for long transmission and distribution lines. We partner with the power generator to bring the workload to the source of energy, not the other way around.

Right Time

When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, renewables are a reliable source of energy, and we make the most of those clean watts. But when energy demand exceeds supply it creates congestion on the grid. We respond by reducing or pausing our energy consumption altogether. By stepping out of the way during peak demand, we minimize waste from traffic imbalances and stabilize energy demand.

Right Layout

Each modular data center is engineered with powerful fans to cool the hardware that’s running. The well-ordered heat dissipation requires minimal power, which ensures 96% of the energy entering the container is used for computing purposes.

Prioritize Green and Clean

When building out new sites, we prioritize locations that have either green or clean energy sources. This strategy allows us to make use of stranded energy that would otherwise go to waste, reviving these assets to improve their long-term ability to provide power. Learn more about our Climate Action Strategy which emphasizes our impact on the clean energy market.

Investing in Renewables

Through strategic siting efforts, we leverage renewable energy to power our operations. But TIER 0 data centers don’t just consume renewable energy, they incentivize it. We offer renewable energy asset owners guaranteed offtake, eliminating their need to curtail during peak production times.

Stabilizing the Energy Grid

TIER 0 data centers are built to participate in demand response programs through flexible load management services. We bring stability to the grid by building our data centers near the source of power in regions that benefit from a load source that can alleviate congestion.

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