Recent Blockchain Innovations: Q1 2022

recent blockchain innovations

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We have seen a wave of new advancements over the past few months within the blockchain space, as startups and global enterprises alike take steps to utilize and spur adoption of this world-changing technology.

Here are four of the more notable blockchain innovations of early-2022, including three intriguing metaverse-related projects and a healthcare solution empowering medical record retrieval for an entire country.

Doge Burger

Doge Burger – a Dogecoin-inspired virtual restaurant – has launched in Dubai to provide a futuristic take on fast-food dining. Through the metaverse-based restaurant, locals can order real food from the “cloud kitchen” for doorstep delivery and pay using crypto. Menu items include the Doge Burger Beef, Buffalo Chicken Burger, Garden Burger, and other fast-food favorites.

The name Doge Burger is predictably an homage to Dogecoin, which netted the founders huge returns they then used to fund the entire operation. Payment from customers is handled by, which offers payment via its own app as well as MetaMask, WalletConnect, and various other options. In launching the world’s first “crypto-based hospitality-concept,” the founders of Doge Burger aspire to drive crypto adoption by facilitating real-world use by real people.

Manchester City football stadium

The metaverse’s first football stadium is officially set to be built by English Premier League football club Manchester City. The club signed a three-year partnership with Sony to help build a virtual version of their physical stadium, the Etihad. While the project is still in its infancy, virtual reality specialists have already performed an on-the-spot assessment of the real-world stadium to begin mapping out its digital counterpart.

The virtual Etihad will be the central hub of Manchester City in a virtual reality world – a move the club expects to help increase revenue due to its large number of fans around the world. The digital stadium will provide fans with a virtual experience to watch games live, recreate games, and fill the seats exactly the way they want. There are even indications the team is considering allowing players and fans to meet in the metaverse while possibly purchasing virtual club products.

Game Lounge

The Game Lounge is creating a unique platform that will function as a user’s personal gaming room within the metaverse. Users can invite friends to play games, hang out, show off NFT collections, and more — all within a virtual environment. Games available from the room will include board games, bar games, and arcade games.

The Game Lounge also includes a play-to-earn rewards system that incentivizes players, advertisers, and digital artists to earn rewards, including $GLT (the project’s token) and NFTs. At a time when most metaverse projects tout large, open worlds, the Game Lounge is instead creating small, closed and customized spaces where users can truly focus their attention.

Carevo medical record retrieval system

Indonesia-based startup Carevo has developed a plan to utilize blockchain technology to store and access medical records within the country’s healthcare system. Carevo operates on a private blockchain that uses proof-of-authority – an algorithm that delivers consensus based on the identity and reputation of validators. Only those approved to join the network can write data to the chain, which is anonymized, encrypted, and only accessible by those with permission .

The development will allow each Carevo user to access and present their medical history to medical professionals as needed without relying on a third-party entity. This solves a crucial problem in Indonesia’s healthcare sector, which lacks a centralized medical record database, making it difficult to aggregate information about a patient’s medical history. The centralization of medical data on a single blockchain can also offer a quick overview of the entire country’s medical situation, which can lead to more robust and timely response in the face of viral outbreak.

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