ePIC SC200 Siacoin Miner

ePIC Blockchain is a North American based cryptocurrency ASIC and Mining Rig supplier. The ePIC SC200 Siacoin Miner is engineered to maximize rewards while providing rock-solid reliability for years of mining to come. The SC200 boasts 60% better efficiency than other rigs on the Sia network. This means 4x the hash rate.

  • GPU/CPU style power delivery system built on proven methodology
  • Single block heatsink for superior heat dissipation
  • High airflow fans calibrated for extended lifetime
  • 2.2 TH/sec @ 1,300 Watts (0.59 J/GH) or 1.8 TH/sec @ 900 Watts (0.5 J/GH) in Eco mode

Supporting the Sia and Skynet Vision

  • SC200 will provide future profits and bolster Sia network security
  • Profitable mining with SC200 ensures network security
  • Skynet is the storage foundation for a Free Internet

Compute North provides hosting for ePIC devices at our state-of-the-art facilities throughout the United States.