Compute North Launches MinerSentry and Managed Hosting Services to Optimize Hashrate and Uptime for Large-Scale Mining Operations

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The Combined Power of Skilled Onsite Technicians and Proprietary Software Fuel New Managed Services Offering for ASIC Miners

Minneapolis, Minnesota – March 23, 2020 — Compute North, an industry leader in high-powered, large-scale data infrastructure for blockchain, cryptocurrency mining and the broader high-performance computing space, announced today the launch of MinerSentry and managed services for blockchain.

Designed for clients that prefer to or need to be hands-off with the maintenance and upkeep of their miner equipment, Compute North managed blockchain services offer customers peace-of-mind and confidence that they have a team working to get the most out of their mining investment by helping drive maximum hashrate, uptime and as a result, revenue.

MinerSentry, the company’s proprietary cloud-based management and monitoring platform, serves as the foundation for supporting the new managed service offering. A key challenge is having centralized access to view and respond to potential farm hotspots, identify problem miners and address errors – not for just one unit, but for hundreds or thousands. Solving this issue, MinerSentry will proactively alert the Compute North support team of miner faults, allowing them to lead the troubleshooting process and dispatch onsite technicians as needed to resolve issues on behalf of the customer. With self-healing capabilities to handle things like rules-based automatic reboots, the platform can handle key tasks without any human intervention, making the time to resolution for common miner issues even faster. Also providing detailed statistics, charts, and event reports, MinerSentry provides ongoing tracking and visibility.

“With continued momentum in developing fast scaling data center facilities, not only does Compute North provide purpose-built blockchain infrastructure to power mining operations, our new managed blockchain services removes the day-to-day complexities of optimizing mining operations,” said Dave Perrill, CEO at Compute North. “As market demands evolve, our team strives to provide solutions to help ensure the right infrastructure and technical support is available to meet the unique needs of the high-performance computing space.”

Features of Compute North managed blockchain services include:

• Improved Miner Performance: With active miner management, Compute North can help improve miner efficiency and stability. The result is maximum performance and minimal downtime for a    crypto mining operation that needs to keep equipment hashing for the best possible return on investment.
• Powerful Management Tools: MinerSentry enables visibility across each facility, container, rack, shelf and miner, allowing for advanced monitoring for everything from devices offline, low hashrate, chip errors or temperature alerts. Heatmaps, trending data and error logs provide expanded reporting to identify recurring issues so they can be addressed quickly.
• Expert Onsite Support: Customers gain on-demand access to the Compute North support team who is actively monitoring operations. As smart alerts are generated, everything from automatic reboots can be triggered to ticket creation to dispatch skilled onsite technicians who are at the ready to investigate and remediate issues as needed.
• Ease of Use and Ongoing Maintenance: Instead of having to remote into each unit individually, Compute North can handle the configuration of miners on behalf of the client, taking care of things like pool changes, adjust overclocking settings, change coins mined or mining algorithms. Compute North technicians can also manage installation of the latest stock firmware release from the miner manufacturer, if desired.

“Our customers want their mining gear to be running at maximum performance so that they see the best possible ROI on their investment. The reality is, to accomplish this the average customer spends way too much time monitoring individual miners, troubleshooting technical issues, handling firmware updates and more,” noted Dave Perrill. “With our expertise and onsite technical resources, Compute North can take care of the essential tasks that our customers can’t, or perhaps prefer not to, in order to help ensure they get the most out of their mining rigs.”

Managed services and MinerSentry are available immediately. Existing customers may contact their sales representative. For more information about the Compute North managed services, visit:


About Compute North
Compute North provides efficient, low-cost, infrastructure for clients in the blockchain, cryptocurrency mining and the high-performance computing space. Compute North has the strategic infrastructure that helps mining professionals capitalize on the opportunities in today’s market. With extensive experience in installing, scaling and operating cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure, Compute North is a trusted provider in the industry with facilities in Texas, South Dakota and Nebraska. With over 110 megawatts of scalable capacity and growing, Compute North hosts equipment from the industry’s biggest names, including Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan, Obelisk, Innosilicon, and more. In addition, Compute North specializes in a complete range of services that includes repair and quality assurance, logistics, and GPUs for image rendering, deep and machine learning and more. For additional information, please visit
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