Compute North Launches 100 Megawatt High-Performance Computing Campus in Nebraska

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The Kearney, NE site will support large-scale data operations to serve as a critical location for expanding upon blockchain and hosting infrastructure

KEARNEY, Nebraska– November 21, 2019 — Compute North, an industry leader in high-powered, large-scale data infrastructure, is announcing that its largest colocation facility is now live in Kearney, Nebraska. This data center facility is Compute North’s third site, along with others in Texas and South Dakota, and is its highest power offering to date.

The Kearney facility will offer 100 megawatts of power to support large-scale data operations and to serve as a critical location for expanding upon the blockchain and hosting infrastructure. The facility is set up to accommodate large-capacity users with over 1MW of requirements by delivering accessible, affordable, reliable and secure collocation to people from all over the globe. The combination of power and connectivity with the low energy costs of the site makes it capable of efficiently handling blockchain, machine learning, crypto mining, and more.

“Our new Nebraska hosting site is already more than two-thirds committed and is continuing to ramp up quickly,” said Compute North CEO, Dave Perrill. “We are very excited to be a part of the Kearney community as we continue to deliver scalable, fast deployment data center solutions that help organizations drive maximum ROI.”

With a combined 20+ years of executive experience running similar operations, the technical experts at Compute North know how to deliver high-scale, highly available colocation solutions for blockchain infrastructure, helping fuel the future demands of enterprises looking to grow and adapt quickly in a stable environment. And by housing all necessary processes and infrastructure in one place, Compute North is able to mitigate risk and drive down unnecessary costs.

The increased demand for computing power has driven interest and the need for modular data center facilities, like this one. Key benefits to Compute North customers include:

  • Rapid Deployment: Using a container infrastructure that can be ordered, customized and delivered in weeks, customers are able to get their hardware up and running quickly.
  • Security: Each facility has 24/7 surveillance and industry-leading security measures to help ensure customer equipment and data is always safe.
  • Scalable: With a repeatable design, it is easy to meet customer demand and scale operations. As customer needs evolve, Compute North can respond quickly and develop the next phase of a customer infrastructure project in a few months versus a few years.
  • Efficient: Each colocation site is strategically located close to reliable and cost-efficient power sources. This, combined with containers built to optimize the power and heat management in a tightly integrated framework, helps ensure an ideal environment for high-computing needs.

Compute North also hosts and distributes equipment from the industry’s biggest names, including Bitmain, Whatsminer, Canaan, Obelisk, amongst others. In addition to gear distribution and high-efficiency hosting, Compute North specializes in a complete range of services that includes repair and quality assurance, logistics, GPU and rendering, deep and machine learning and more.

About Compute North

Compute North provides efficient, low-cost, infrastructure services for clients in the blockchain, cryptocurrency mining and the broader high-performance computing space. Offering solutions to investors and miners of mid to large-scale operations, Compute North has developed the strategic infrastructure that helps mining professionals better capitalize on one of the most exciting opportunities in today’s market. With extensive experience in installing, scaling and operating cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure, Compute North is a trusted provider in the industry with a focus on creating the next generation of data center colocation services. For additional information, please visit

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