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Compute North helps facilitate and remove the complex barriers of cryptocurrency mining. Working to provide miners with a best-in-class solution that supports the ultimate ROI, going the extra mile to help maximize hashrate and revenue. Leave it to our team to handle the daily monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades, firmware management, and more. With our expertise and onsite technical resources, our team can help ensure you get the most out of your mining investment.

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Bundles to Meet Your Needs

Compute North offers three levels of hosting services, each with its own distinct advantages. Understanding your unique goals and the details of each bundle is the best way to help maximize ROI.
Hosting Basic

Our Basic package is a cost-effective offering tailored to the mining client that has the capabilities to self-manage their miners. As part of this solution, Compute North provides the power, network, and rack space necessary to operate the miners as well as onsite personnel that can perform miner maintenance activities as directed by you. You will have secure remote access to your hardware and would be responsible for monitoring your miners for faults, leading the troubleshooting and remediation process, leveraging Compute North’s onsite team as needed.

Hosting Select

Our Select service is a managed offering designed for clients that prefer to be hands-off with the maintenance and upkeep of their miners. With this package, miners will be enrolled in Compute North’s monitoring system, MinerSentry, that will proactively alert our team of miner faults. Compute North will automatically lead the troubleshooting process and dispatch onsite technicians as needed on behalf of the customer in order to resolve issues with the miners.

Hosting Premier

Get all the benefits of our Select service with some additional features. Our team can further simplify your mining operation by incorporating the mining pool, enhanced pool to hash reporting, and the ability to support miner performance firmware. Experience a responsive, easy-to-use, and transparent solution that removes the extra layers of miner and vendor management.

Hosting Basic


Bundles in Detail

Core Features
Customer Provided
Customer Provided
Customer Provided
Equipment Managed
Rack Space
240V Power
Ambient Air Cooling
Redundant Internet Connectivity
Physical Security
Technical Support
Basic Remote Hands (customer-initiated request)
Advanced Remote Hands
SLA Level
Network & Power
Hashrate Performance
Hashrate Performance
VPN Access
RMA Processing
Premium Features
Miner Configuration
Miner Monitoring
Alert Management and Proactive Response
Automated Rules-based Reboots
Stock Firmware Upgrades
Compute North U.S.-Based Pool
Pool to Hash Performance Monitoring, Audit, Reconciliation
Discounted Pool Fee
Overclocking, Underclocking, Auto-Tuning, Upgrades
Performance Enhancing Firmware


Why Managed Services from Compute North?

Compute North Managed Blockchain Services comes with a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Hashrate Monitoring and Alerting: Your miners will be automatically set up with MinerSentry®, our proprietary monitoring and alerting system. Our team will have visibility when issues arise, such as devices going offline, low hashrate, or high temperature.
  • Onsite Support: Compute North will monitor and automatically dispatch an onsite technician to investigate alerts received from our miner monitoring system. A customer support request is not required to begin remediation of miners.
  • Factory Firmware Updates: If you desire, Compute North can take care of installing the latest stock firmware release from the miner manufacturer.
  • Miner Configuration: Compute North can handle the configuration of your miners, at your direction, to take care of things like pool changes, adjustments to overclocking settings, and changes to coins mined or mining algorithms.

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