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Building Next Generation Infrastructure

An industry-wide effort is underway to find ways to operate data centers more efficiently. Over the past several years, Compute North has been developing and operating a next generation data center infrastructure, TIER 0™, which satisfies the demand for compute-intensive applications while stabilizing the energy grid and enabling additional renewable energy.


Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Renewable energy sources are different than the traditional energy sources because they are dependent on weather. This intermittency of renewables poses a new challenge for an economy which was built on anytime access to conceptually unlimited power.

Compute North addresses this challenge in a mutually beneficial relationship with power providers. Compute North’s TIER 0 data center design creates the ability to adjust power in real time at each facility as required and to dynamically manage power usage – helping to manage costs, accelerate adoption of renewable energy across the county, and improve stability and resiliency of the grid. This makes us a strategic partner for utilities and a catalyst for the transition to renewable energy which demands more of that flexibility that we can offer.

Read about a time when Compute North powered down part of its operations to provide relief to the Nebraska energy grid to restore power to the local community.


Hood County, TX

Located next to one of the cleanest, most efficient natural gas plants in the U.S., this 300MW, 45-acre site will host more than 163 modular data center units.


West Texas

Leveraging a wind farm, this project on the open plains of West Texas will be the site of an impressive TIER 0™ data center scalable up to 280MW.

TIER 0™ Data Center Advantage

  • Pre-built modular data center units can be installed quickly, allowing infrastructure to be up and running within 90 days compared to the typical 18+ month timeline of traditional data centers
  • Cost-competitive infrastructure with an emphasis on carbon-neutral energy
  • Our sustainability approach supports our customers’ ESG efforts through grid stabilization services, renewable energy adoption, pollutant-free cooling, and economic and social impact programs
  • Adds tech, construction and contract services jobs to the local workforce

More for Power Generation Owners

Do you have questions about Compute North coming to your community? Learn more about our sustainability approach to development or contact our team at [email protected] or (855) 275-3440.

Did you know Compute North’s infrastructure helps to stabilize the energy grid?

TIER 0 data centers can curtail energy use during peak demand which alleviates congestion and can stabilize energy prices. Our strategic partnerships built with local utilities directly benefit community residents. Contact the Compute North Community Relations team at [email protected] or (855) 275-3440.
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