How mining with Obelisk can maximize your profitability


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The benefits of mining with Obelisk are wide-ranging and can provide users with a more secure way of turning a profit. Here’s a closer look at what Obelisk is, its key advantages, and the main reasons you should be utilizing the equipment through mining colocation.

What is Obelisk?

Obelisk originally began as a subsidiary project of Nebulous, Inc.—the team behind the cryptocurrency sia—but has since grown into an industry leader in the development of ASIC miners.

Today, Obelisk designs and manufactures proof-of-work (POW) mining hardware with the main goal of providing transparency and customer service to users while also fostering a stronger, healthier POW system. Crypto development teams can join forces with Obelisk for support in developing new POW algorithms and the ASIC hardware that works for that specific algorithm. The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to make ASICs more approachable to users and to create a more ASIC-friendly mining environment overall. ASIC mining has been rising in popularity in recent years, and these efforts by Obelisk serve to further that growth.

The advantage of mining with Obelisk

In developing custom algorithms and the ASICs to work with them, Obelisk is helping create a more secure and balanced mining landscape. Before a new coin launches, Obelisk provides ASICs to the team behind the cryptocurrency, which then distributes them to the mining community. This prevents no single party from controlling too much mining power. Most of the mining in this platform is held by smaller players, with no single entity controlling more than 20 percent of the total network power. This balance ensures long-term success and a more shared playing field than those focused on GPU mining. The ASIC-based nature of Obelisk means users are more invested in the success of their designated coin.


The advantages of ASIC mining are what make working with Obelisk so advantageous for users. ASICs are made specifically to mine the cryptocurrency for which they were developed and are unable to jump from one to the other as GPUs are. Most GPU mining pools automatically mine the most profitable coin and frequently change focus, causing miner incentives to often not align with those of their users. This variability is part of what makes GPUs inherently less secure than ASICs. The benefits of ASIC mining are compounded when leveraged through mining colocation for those looking to devote a greater amount of resources to a particular coin.

Obelisk and mining colocation

Colocation facilities provide miners with maximum computing power and minimal energy costs so they can make the most of their mining efforts. Users are able to have their Obelisk miner shipped directly to a data center where it will be unpacked, installed, and maintained by a team of experts to optimize their operation and their ROI. This cost-efficient and secure method is the most effective way to maximize mining profitability.

Compute North delivers industry-leading colocation solutions to help investors and miners make the most of their large-scale operations. We have a brand new facility in South Dakota and are now offering a one-year minimum contract with no setup fees and a two-month deposit.

1+ Year Pricing

$29: SC1 (2 boards)

$29: SC1 Slim (1 board)

$58: SC1 Slim Dual (2 boards)

Month-to-Month Pricing

$35: SC1 (2 boards)

$35: SC1 Slim (1 board)

$70: SC1 Slim Dual (2 boards)

$25 Setup Fee, waived for 1+ Year Contracts

Contact us today to start boosting your mining operation for long-term profitability.

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