Colocation Services for Computationally Intensive, Non-Mission Critical Applications

Compute North offers efficient and scalable TIER 0™ data center campuses that support an organization’s growing high-performance computing (HPC) application demands.
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Scalable and Agile HPC Infrastructure

The increased demand for high-performance computing power has driven interest and the need for modular data center facilities. The flexibility in this type of design provides infrastructure and operational leaders with confidence as they look to support growth initiatives while managing costs rather than investing in expensive company-owned data centers.

Our modular data centers can:

  • Reduce your CapEx while making your OpEx more predictable and affordable
  • Alleviate the need to staff, operate, and maintain your own infrastructure
  • Mitigate risk and scale faster in reliable, U.S.-based facilities

Compute North delivers scalable, rapid deployment data center solutions that offer organizations an alternative to traditional data center facilities. Bringing together hyperscale and edge data centers into a new hybrid concept that is more efficient, our modular data center infrastructure is scalable and agile to support your applications for machine learning, artificial intelligence, IOT, big data, and more. 

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Using a container infrastructure that can be ordered, customized, and delivered in weeks, customers are able to get their hardware up and running quickly.

  • Accelerate the implementation of your high-performance applications in our state-of-the-art data center containers
  • Save money and avoid the high costs of building your own data center facility
  • Eliminate traditional data center space constraints and long buildout timeframes



The repeatable design of modular data centers makes it easy to meet customer demand and scale operations. As customer needs evolve, Compute North can respond quickly and develop the next phase of a customer infrastructure project in a few months versus a few years. 

Containers are available for dedicated company use or can operate as shared units for maximum flexibility.



Each colocation site is strategically located close to reliable and cost-efficient power sources. This, combined with containers built to optimize the power and heat management in a tightly integrated framework, helps ensure an ideal environment for high-computing needs. 

Compute North data center campuses reduce energy and OPEX waste. Our strategically designed containers deliver an average Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.05, integrated fans and racking system for efficient heat management and allow design flexibility.

Scale Faster in a Compute North TIER 0™ Data Center

Realize the many benefits of a modular data center approach
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