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Here’s exciting news for hash power buyers and cryptocurrency miners alike – Our new West Texas cryptocurrency mining center. With over 10MW of initial capacity, it has exceptional capabilities, including room for extensive growth, both for mining and colocation customers. And it’s being equipped with the highest caliber mining rigs, services and expertise.

This facility is designed by miners for miners. It takes advantage of abundant renewable energy at low costs, savings we pass on to our customers. Advanced fan cooling allows even more energy efficiency. It also features exceptionally stable internet access, protected with high security.

Higher performance, lower costs cryptocurrency colocation mining. For those miners who value the excitement of mining on their own, but not the infrastructure complexities and risks, colocation is the perfect answer. After all, the time and money lost to secure space, equipment, power, networking, security and more is time you could actually be crypto mining. Compute North’s colocation package delivers a complete mining operation without the setup costs, time, hassle and risks.

Our new West Texas cryptocurrency mining center is a prime and timely opportunity – while space is available. The benefits include:

  • Available product procurement for both ASICs, GPUs and other equipment
  • Colocation spaces designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining
  • High density power available at low kw/h costs
  • Redundant, high-speed network connectivity
  • Open-air, cryptocurrency mining environment
  • Lower cost energy resources and cost-efficient cooling systems
  • Stable internet access
  • High security
  • Available leading-edge cryptocurrency mining hardware.

Beyond these advanced features, Compute North’s facility is also staffed by crypto mining experts as well as highly trained service and maintenance personnel, immediately available to assist you, from device setup to maintenance and much more.

It’s no surprise that Compute North’s West Texas mining center spaces and services are going fast, given so many top-line features and its economies for customers. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you need to act quickly. Call Compute North now at +1 952 279.0550 or click here to learn more about cryptocurrency miner hosting services.

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