Strategic Locations

Strategic Mining Facilities for Maximum Performance

Compute North owns and operates state-of-the-art TIER 0™ data centers strategically located throughout the U.S. and around the world, specifically designed to make the most of blockchain technology. We pioneered the TIER 0™ concept to serve as a next-generation solution for high-performance computing. Our facilities have been strategically built to scale quickly and operate cost-efficiently, a unique departure from the traditional data center model, allowing our users to scale their operations in a fraction of the time. Backed by a mix of energy sources, cost-competitive infrastructure, and ours hands-on expertise, we are helping users maximize their capability in non-mission critical applications such as cryptocurrency mining, blockchain, machine learning, and more.



Aerial view of Texas facility


Our Texas data center facility, strategically located for access to cost-effective energy sources, is a former World War II hanger. It is a large, robust building with the core infrastructure to adapt to the evolving needs of blockchain colocation.

South Dakota

South Dakota facility

South Dakota

Built in a former Gateway computer site, this 7MW facility ensures our miners have access to the best technology requirements at the most affordable power costs.


Nebraska Data Center


Chosen for its ideal location in America’s heartland and its direct access to a variety of energy sources, this 100MW-capacity data center utilizes a containerized model, built to optimize power and heat management in a tightly integrated framework, specifically designed for high-computing needs.



Making Mining More Affordable

Due to the increasing popularity and complexity of cryptocurrency mining, operational costs are increasing every day. If you want your mining operations to deliver the best ROI, you need to host your equipment in a cost-competitive environment. We drive down your expenses by utilizing cost-efficient renewable energy in regions where power costs are at rock bottom. When we set out to build our colocation facilities, we knew that renewable energy had to be part of the plan. It’s reliable and cost-effective while making the world a cleaner, healthier place.


Operational Power

Designed and Built for High-Density Computing

Just like you wouldn’t mine for gold where there isn’t any, you don’t want to mine cryptocurrency from a facility that wasn’t specifically designed to handle blockchain infrastructure. We’ve equipped our facilities with the right amount of power to handle large-scale mining operations. Our colocation services are based on your power usage, and we never oversell on space.



Protecting Your Investment

Our facilities have 24/7 surveillance, monitoring and support to ensure your equipment and your data are always safe. Access to each location is secured and restricted to authorized personnel only.

Cryptocurrency mining facility

Right At Home

A U.S. Based Colocation Mining Operation

With U.S. based facilities in key locations as well as partnerships around the globe, you are never that far from your state-of-the-art rig. Locations are strategically chosen based on environmental, regulatory and geopolitical stability.

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