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Compute North owns and operates state-of-the-art TIER 0™ data centers strategically located throughout the U.S. and around the world, specifically designed to make the most of blockchain technology. We pioneered the TIER 0™ concept to serve as a next-generation solution for optimized distributed computing. Our facilities have been strategically built to scale quickly and operate cost-efficiently, a unique departure from the traditional data center model, allowing our users to scale their operations in a fraction of the time. Backed by a mix of energy sources, cost-competitive infrastructure, and ours hands-on expertise, we are helping users maximize their capability in compute intensive applications such as cryptocurrency mining, blockchain, machine learning, and more.

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Why Host at Compute North Facilities?

  • Cost-Competitive: Get the best ROI by hosting your equipment in our cost-competitive environment. We drive down your expenses by utilizing cost-efficient renewable energy in regions where power costs are low.
  • Operational Power: We have equipped our facilities with the right amount of power to handle large-scale mining operations. Our colocation services are based on your power usage, and we never oversell on space.
  • Security: Our facilities have 24/7 surveillance to ensure your equipment and data are safe. Access to each location is secured and restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • U.S. Based Colocation: Locations for our facilities are strategically chosen across the United States based on environmental, regulatory and geopolitical stability.

Nebraska Data Center Expansion

As interest in the digital asset space increases, the 100MW facility now has the capacity to support new deals with current customers and emerging players in the cryptocurrency mining space.

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