Bitcoin Mining Pool

Combine the Mining Pool and Colocation Stack

We integrate into your mining operation to make your life easier. Our mining pool simplifies the mining process without losing data fidelity. Experience a responsive, easy-to-use, and transparent mining pool.

Competitive Payouts

The Compute North pool offers auto-payouts in BTC for all hashrate and flexible payout options calculated using an average of the last 24 hours for the pay-per-share rate. Payouts are made hourly for all accounts with a balance greater than 0.001 BTC.

Transparent Reporting

Access detailed analytics in MinerSentry®, as well as near real-time reconciliation of hash rates (pool vs. machines) to support streamlined audit reconciliation, along with a mining dashboard to help keep track of miners.

Efficiency and Uptime

With share-processing servers that are in redundant, globally distributed clusters of servers, the pool works to reduce latency and increase the efficacy of the processing power. The closest server is in Iowa, the neighboring state, providing the lowest latency and reject rate of any pool option.


We treat our hashrate seriously. As a US-based entity, we take steps to ensure the blocks you mine with us do not share hashrate from sanctioned countries.

Customer Support

Customers can easily connect directly with the knowledgeable, technical team members for timely resolution of any questions or customer related inquiries.

Stable Earnings

With Full-Pay-Per-Share, miners can deploy their machines knowing that there will not be volatility in their payouts. Miners get rewarded whether the pool mines a block or not.

Computer with analytics displayed


Why Compute North?

The Compute North mining pool serves to further bring together the key components of an efficient mining operation, reducing the number of vendors and platforms a customer needs to monitor and track miner activity.

Mining pools are increasingly becoming integrated into broader mining ecosystems of exchanges, financing packages, financial instruments, and colocation. By combining the mining pool and colocation stack, miners can benefit from a more seamless mining solution.

Mining Pool Fundamentals

Cryptocurrency mining is all about working to unlock each block to get the reward that is in it. The more attempts (hashes) you can perform per second, the greater the chances you have to get the reward (think of it like this – the more lottery tickets you have the higher your chance of winning the lottery). Because miners by themselves typically do not have enough hashing power to consistently find blocks, they join a mining pool that combines everyone’s hash power to hash blocks. With more hashing power it is easier to find blocks. Then, the reward is split among the miners based on the amount of work they contributed, with a small fee paid to the pool operator.

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