Colocation & Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Computationally Intensive, Non-Mission Critical Applications

Zero Unnecessary Features. Zero Unnecessary Costs.
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Colocation & Cloud Services

Tier 3 & 4 data centers charge top dollar for a redundant solution with a 99.9% uptime that is great for business-critical workloads, but many workloads simply don’t need all that, which means organizations are overpaying for redundancy and uptime.

The Compute North TIER 0™ Hybrid Cloud provides the ideal economics and infrastructure for applications that require immense computing, run non-mission critical workloads, and have budget constraints. You can choose to utilize our infrastructure with colocation and/or on-demand compute through IaaS, BMaaS, or PaaS.

Looking for cryptocurrency hosting solutions? We offer multiple tiers of managed blockchain services to ensure your hardware is secure, online, and optimized.

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Our Differentiators

Why Compute North Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud offers an optimal configuration of high performance and lowest cost while preserving control and administration. We know it takes more than just the lowest cost to disrupt the data center industry, so we’re shaking it up from what is expected.

  • Optimal balance between cost & performance: Our efficiencies in power, operations, and construction are your savings for colocation and on-demand compute.

  • Round out your cloud strategy: Whether you’re on-prem, colocating or mostly in-cloud, you can rapidly scale your application with our connectivity to AWS and other public clouds.

  • Sustainable Computing: Compute North’s TIER 0™ data centers are ideal candidates for utilizing wind, solar and other renewable energy sources because of our demand response programs. Learn more about how energy mix builds an ESG narrative.


Compute the Way You Want

Whether you have hardware to host or computing hourly on demand, one thing we can all agree on – we want the lowest cost and best performance! Below are the variety of service options.

  • Colocation
  • IaaS, PaaS, BMaaS
  • Validator Hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • GPU Miner Hosting 
  • ASIC Miner Hosting


We Can’t Contain(er) Our Excitement!

By constructing our data centers with a modular approach our infrastructure is scalable, installed quickly, and has consistent quality. The physical containers maintain a high level of energy efficiency and a marginal emission factor lower than a traditional data center. 

Scale Faster in a Compute North TIER 0™ Data Center

Realize the many benefits of a modular data center approach
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