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We've taken crypto mining infrastructure to the next level so you can maximize your investments. Compute North's colocation services stand above the rest with:

Highly Proven & Trusted

Built by technology and financial experts, our US-based operations are designed for investors who seek a proven and reliable partner.

Operational Excellence & Speed

We get your equipment up and running in the right environment faster. Start hosting today and start earning fast.

Cost-Effective Pricing, Maximum Returns

Our strategically designed facilities operate on cost-effective power to minimize costs and maximize your return on investment.
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Cryptocurrency Experts with Deep Business Experience

We’ve built an executive team that combines decades of successful IT, information security, and colocation experience with a savvy business acumen and a strong understanding of the crypto space. Every decision we’ve made as a company has been for the benefit of large-scale investors looking for long-term success in the mining space. We are continuously looking to drive down costs and ensure extremely high uptime for our customers and partners.

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Engineered for Crypto Mining

Our strategically located facilities provide low cost power and maintain a high level of reliability and security. Powered by cost-efficient renewable energy, we help you mine more for less.

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