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Blockchain and high-performance computing applications require compute power that is not typically associated with standard server infrastructure.
Blockchain and high-performance computing applications require compute power that is not typically associated with standard server infrastructure.

Powerful Colocation for Large-Scale Hosting Operations

Compute North develops and operates Tier 0 data centers and provides colocation services for computationally intensive non-mission critical applications.

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Responding to the increased demand for computing power at an affordable cost to support new applications for machine learning, artificial intelligence, IOT and big data, Compute North delivers scalable, fast deployment data center solutions that offer organizations an alternative to traditional data center facilities. Bringing together hyperscale and edge data centers into a new hybrid concept that is more efficient, our modular data center infrastructure is scalable and agile.

Not all applications require maximum uptime or hyper-scale redundancy, so why pay for them to be hosted in a Tier 4 data center?

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Blockchain Services

Offering solutions to investors and miners of mid to large-scale operations, Compute North has developed the strategic infrastructure that helps mining professionals better capitalize on one of the most exciting opportunities in today’s market. With extensive experience in installing, scaling and operating cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure, Compute North has taken crypto mining to the next level so you can maximize your investment.

Our U.S.-based operations are designed for investors who seek a proven and reliable partner.

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With increased competition and demand, mining companies face the challenge to drive down costs and drive up efficiencies. Compute North help organizations drive maximum ROI and miner efficiency in our U.S.-based hosting facilities.
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A Modular Data Center Framework

With cloud computing and data demands evolving quickly, you need a data center environment that is agile and scalable to help support your business needs.
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